Atari Jaguar emulator dont work att all after update

as the titel say .Atari Jaguar emulator has stoped working. if you try to start a game it send you right out to game select meny agen


  • Can you please try the update again? Perhaps it didn't install everything.
  • can you try to open "VirtualJaguar" in desktop mode?
    You will need a mouse to do so.
    It is placed in The application menu-> games-> virtual jaguar.

    Does it work? If not.. I assume the update was interrupted at some point.
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    No Tthe virtual jaguar dont start, nothing hapens. I have updated it 3 times . still the same.
    do enybade have the same problem as me?
  • For me it works.. This is strange. Can you type in terminal:
    sudo apt-get install qt5-xu3-fix

    This should fix it. The update should perform this.. Strange.
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