Which format do I need for the Dreamcast-Emulator?


Emulationstation is 'seeing' the Dreamcast images that I put in the corresponding folder but when I start to load a title nothing will happen and I end up in the Desktop.

The images are ZIPed as they contains all tracks of a Dreamcast GD-Rom.
This is how you normally find them.

So is the Emulator not working? Are the images in the wrong format?
What do I need to change/configure?

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    Zip or rar compressed archives are not supported by the emulator. You need to unzip them.

    .cdi .gdi are supported
  • Hi, a game contains normally a GDI which is a text file which includes the different tracks of a DC game.

    I unzipped a game and put it into a sub-folder within the dreamcast folder and Emulationstation didn't recognize it.

    I put the .GDI in the Dreamcast folder and Emulationstation didn't recognize it either.

    The ZIP are recognized.
    Maybe ZIP work?

    Where do I have to put the DC Bios?
    At the moment it's in the Dreamcast folder...


    P.S: Do zou know a GDI -> CDI converter?
  • You can't put them in sub-folders.. the cdi files have to be placed in /ROMS/SEGA/Dreamcast
    The BIOS ROM has to be put to /ROMS not to /ROMS/SEGA/Dreamcast

    hmm you are right GDI is not supported.. just CDI but It could be just a wrong config.. I put it on my list for the next update.
  • Okay, I put the BIOS into the ROMS folder.
    I then found one .CDI game and it worked.
    But no chance with the .GDI version which would be better.
    CDI are the downstripped self-boot CD's that I used several years ago on my real Dreamcast. But as Videos were downscaled or skipped these aren't the best versions to use.
    GDI contains all tracks in RAW format.

    Seems that some emulators can use the CHD format used by MAME and there are ways to get from GDI to CHD - but I didn't tested it.

    What is the Dreamcast Emulator behind Emulationstation?

    I still struggle to see how .GDI should work even that most DC emulators support it.
  • Thanks. It seems that REICAST can work with GDI and CHD as well.
    CHD would be perfect as it combines the advantages of the full dump but compressed.
    Maybe you can check how to provide GDI to REICAST.
  • Ok will try to add it last minute for tomorrow..
    But you need to verify : )
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