Atari Jaguar emulation is quite slow on Odroid...


I finally got the Atari Jaguar working using Emualtionstation but the performance was quite bad.
I remember that during the kickstarte campaign everything up to the Dreamcast was shown as playable at full speed with an Odroid xu4 which I have.

Atari Karts runs max. With 50% of the original speed...
Is this normal at the moment?

Anything that I can do?



  • This is because it uses the Retro-Arch core in the moment ... I need to replace them with stand alone versions of the Emulators because Retro-Arch cores miss any optimizations. So far I am following requests : )
    I will include it in the next update.

    You can try to run virtual jaguar in desktop mode.
  • EDIT:
    You can't try virtual jaguar from desktop.. the last Samsung firmware made it not working. I will include it in the next update and replace the "slow" RetroArch core with it.
  • Thanks, I'll then wait for the next release/update.
  • Any idea when a new software release will be available?
    Whenever I try the 'Update' function in the main menu (IndieGO desktop) it will always load the newest existing one - which I only then recognize when the update is finished and the version number is still the same.

  • Tomorrow.. I am still in my catacombs packing boxes.. it is 19:28 and i didn't eat yet : D
    You should check this:

    If there is a new update available I will tell it there
  • Perfect! Will do...
    And you should eat otherwise you'll die too soon and cannot build the remaining boxes and support the great stuff... ;-)
  • : ) Done... I had very delicious Dino chicken nuggets
    An a chinese soup - convenience style
    I am now checking NeoGeo and Jaguar... (preparing the update)
  • Perfect Order...
    First the chicken, then the Jaguar... *smile*
  • Perhaps you can compare if it is faster
    For me it seems fullspeed.

    But as usually there may be a few games causing problems. I will try a few more
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