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I'm trying to get sega cd games to work. I have games in bin/cue format, and the are in the already defined sega/sega cd directory. They appear listed in emulationstation under the sega cd section. Nothing loads when selected though. Either a black screen or drops back to the emulationstation menu. I am on indiego version 1.7.0. Also I have the bios files if I need to put them somewhere. Any suggestions?


  • I will check it tomorrow.. perhaps it required a special naming for the bios files
  • It requires the BIOS (either bios_CD_E.bin or bios_CD_U.bin or bios_CD_J.bin) placed in /home/odroid/ROMS/ in order to play it.

    The filenames are case sensitive
  • Ok, so I got the bios files working like you said. I learned those are the filenames needed for Genesis GX Plus. If you want to use Picodrive you need bios files with a different name. I just made copies of the files and renamed them so I had a copy of each. These all work great when loading retroarch directly from the desktop and not using emulationstation. But Sega cd games still do not load when using emulationstation. Maybe there is something wrong with setup path file for emjulationstation?
  • I'm also seeing pretty much the same problem with Neogeo games. What roms should I get and what core is retroarch supposed to be using?
  • I can't point you directly to roms : )
    SEGA CD worked here.
    You need to habe JP, US and E roms because the emulator is trying to recognize the region

    I am sure It worked for me from Emulations Station too. Will check in some minutes.
    About Neo Geo I need to check too.
    I am still in my catacomb packing goods..
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    Emulation station is set up to show only ISO's... if your games are BIN files, they will be ignored. But I will check
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    For me it works in EmulationStation too.
    Core: Genesis Plus GX
    But I use ISO's. What suffix have your roms? I could perhaps add support.

    Did you place the bios roms to /ROMS instead of /ROMS/SEGA/SEGACD?
  • I think we should add a SegaCD- ripping tool to create clean rips with CD-audio.
  • NEOGEO...
    requires a bios archive called which will be placed in /ROMS/NEOGEO

    In the same folder you put the games in (all as zip archive)... do not unzip them.

    I am playing Spinmaster right now...

    BTW.. the update tomorrow will remove the tearing for 2D cores.
  • Ah I got it now. I unzipped into the directory with the roms and the games are working flawlessly in emulationstation.

    Never played Spinmaster. Should I try it?

    And yes my sega cd roms are all in .bin format. That must be my problem on that one.
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    Yes I played Spinmaster a lot in an diner.. It is a nice Jump&gun where you beat enemies with Jo-Jo's ..
    It is cartoonish and so ok for kids too.

    i have to check if we can get bin/cue working for sega cd because iso's mis the cd audio... very pointless.
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