Update 15th of January 2017 - Version 1.7.0 - "Kame Hame Ha!"

The update weights around 260MB .
If you are on an outdated version it may be required to run the update twice.
Why? Due to security concerns the system used certificates and if your last update is too old, it will require to update the certificates first before getting the other updates downloaded.

Changelog for Version 1.7.0

- New Launcher-Menu with many new features like:
1. Indicators that there are more entries in a list (yellow arrow on top or bottom)
2. Description of the highlighted element on the bottom screen
3. Icons

- Experimental but more optimized yabause (go to Frontend section and scroll down)
- UAE4ARM with GUI as alternative to FS-UAE

- Smokin Guns Game is working now

- AEROS for indieGO! (www.aeros-os.org)
An OS in an OS : ) -> It needs some polishing because it was more optimized for the Pi yet

- SNES look-alike additional Mapping for some Emulators (hopefully all but don't now yet : ) )

PSX-look-a-like Joypad is working now with the Dreamcast emulation (mapping had a typo "mappig" instead of "mapping" )

And many more I can't tell yet..

Optimized RetroArch config... Transmission torrent client replaces Deluge.. and more..

Chnagelog for the main menu aka (FSlauncher):

Here is the log of the previous version:
Version 134 - 28/12/2016 - Released with 1.7.0
Added custom screen mode support
Implemented a scaling engine to speed up rendering
Fixed a bug with transitions and png backgrounds with alpha channel.
Hitting the key show a theme selector, themes can be applied on the go.
Fixed a bug in text alignment if there was icons
Fixed variuos deadlock during the fade off animations
Fixed all old dependancies to obsolete libraries
Added global config file
configurable entering fx of the screen
configurable entering fx of the menus
globally disabling of all item transitions
Added the ability to show an optional description for every items listed in the menu.
Added color tags and color configuration (layout.def), now you can use [n]...[/] [h]...[/] and [w]...[/] tags to use normal, hilighted and warning colors in item caption and item description strings. [b]...[/b] bold, [u]...[/u] under and [i]...[/i] italic styles are supported as well.
Added optional arrows used to indicate that there are more items in the list than the ones visibles.
All themes has been adjusted (I'm not a skinner so you are free to fix them to your personal taste).
New configuration modes to allow easy items arrangements (horizontal and vertical).

1.7.7 is coming..
On the list so far:
Quake 1 SW data alternative download url
Game-pack downloader will run in terminal so you can see what is happening and which server is down..
- adding z64 support to emulation station
- New UAE4ARM build
- Added new setting -> add or remove user from video group .. some libretto cores had a tearing problem. If you enable this setting, it will be gone. It is possible to disable it if it may cause any other problem we are not aware of yet : )
- fixed Jaguar Emulation (replaced the slow libretto core)
- fixed NeoGeo Emualtion station -> it was shown as MSX


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    Just played with the update. Just so you know, uaeforarm doesn't load. From the indiego frontends menu it just drops to the desktop.
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    Danke für das Update! :smile:

    Schön wäre es, wenn man den Fokus auf EmuLa setzen und schnellstmöglich alle Systeme implementieren würde. So würde man sich auf eine Sache konzentrieren, die dann auch 100% läuft. Gerade EmuLa ist eines der Merkmale, welches es von anderen regulären Raspi Emu Distributionen unterscheidet.

    Wann kann man hier mit Updates rechnen?

    Ansonsten bin ich schon gespannt, das neue Update auszuprobieren.

    uaeforarm funktioniert hier auch nicht.
  • Hi @deaddisk , I've translated your post with google translate because I don't speak German :tongue:
    If you have question about EmuLa please post in english because I'm the only one behind the code :wink:

    From what I have understood you are asking for the next EmuLa release, well, it is just around the corner, maybe it will need one week or two. I need to test some recent fixes, after the release the road map is the following:
    - Check for free space before any download
    - Add a preference to set/change the download folder (for cover art and downloadable games/demos).
    - Alternative game art download system
    - Support for Amiga (all flavours), it could take some time because of the amount of games available
    - Bug fixing
    - A ton of top-secret features :smiley:

    Currently implemented in the upcoming release:
    - Sometimes, closing Emula in console mode, an error was raised saving the current preferences.
    - In console mode, rom names and descriptions, if longer than the available screen space, will scroll to the left.
    - In console mode page indicators are no more of fixed size, they are resized automatically if there they does not fit into the current screen width.
    - When a game is started now EmuLa will show an image with the current controls assignment for the involved emulator. The image will be still visible in EmuLa background even while running your games so that you can peek at it to check controls while playing.
    - From now on the update will not overwrite anymore the icon file on Amiga-like systems to avoid to reset the icon position.
    - Now Emula will check host screen resolution before opening its main window and if it is bigger than the screen size Emula will try to reduce its size to fit to the screen. Lower screen resolution should be supported now. There could be readibility problems for very small screens.

    btw I'm very happy that you like EmuLa!
  • Great news! Thanks for detailed Feedback. Yes, i like EmuLa! :smiley:
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