Scraping Games Cover

Hello, i trying several times to get the covers for my rom sets, but this is, because of time outs, impossible. Has anyone the same problems? The same problems by EmuLa. What about the mentioned own Server with covers?


  • Hi @deaddisk ,
    I'm trying now to download cover art for my Gameboy Advance Collection and it's working, sometimes I'm getting a timeout but hitting "retry" it continue to download game arts.
    Anyway it's that is often slow or down.... it is a pity because it is loaded with art and have a nice API interface for EmuLa :smile:

    About your other question:
    deaddisk said:

    What about the mentioned own Server with covers?

    I'm working on several project right now, including FSLauncher and EmuLa and a new release of both of them is near.
    I will setup a custom server for this purpose, the idea is to provide a backup server that if TGDB fails it will silently switch to my own server or (at user choice) provide big data pack, but not both simply because it is too much data to handle, so I ask you?

    What do you think it is better: 1) download only covers for the roms you own or 2) an entire data pack with all the available art?
    Gameboy Color cover art is 737Mb (optimized, because originally it was 1.6Gb)
    Gameboy cover art is 1Gb (original size 1.9Gb)

    A lot of data...

    Option 1) need more programming time, option 2) it is very easy to implement.
  • If I could pick, I would take option two. Option two is less work for you and what are 20GB for cover art, if you have a hdd inside the IndieGo? :)
  • At Fabio.. perhaps you can batch resize them to a smaller size ?
    image magic can scale images which are larger than a set resolution to the set resolution.
    I don't know but the console doesn't do more than 1080p and 720p is still looking good.. I don't know how big those images are bat sometimes they are overkill at 4k

    If you download something with EmuLA you should at least check how much space is free before downloading.

    Also you should place them by default to ~/ROMS/Emula
    Some users may use the HDD and the only folder placed there is the ROMS folder. This ensures that the big files are stored on the HDD if present.

    Than I seem no problem to download the mega image pack
  • Ok, so for a first try I will make cover art available as big package files, I will also add a preference where users can specify download folder for cover art & free downloadable roms so they can select ~/ROMS/Emula or whatever they like, I will also add a check for free space available.
  • Perfect - I'm curious :smiley:
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