Console Hardware Modifications/Optimizations

I know Pascal put a LOT of work into putting together this console. I appreciate everything he did. I'm just being the way I am and felt like optimizing the space inside the console and maybe even improve the ease of moving it around and consolidating it a bit.

First up: The sticker sitting on TOP of the console doesn't quite fit right. It's bumpy and honestly, I thought it just didn't look good. I noticed the bottom side was flat; unlike the top with the vent and the two grip nubs which made the sticker look how it did.

I CAREFULLY removed the sticker from the top and placed it on the bottom.


  • Before I proceed to the inside, let me tell you what parts I have.

    1) 1x Odroid XU4
    2) 2x 4-port USB 2.0 mini hub
    3) 1x DVD drive
    4) 1x 6 port USB charger 5v @ 2.4 amp

    I do NOT have a hard drive at this point, but I will make mention of what would be things to watch for in case your setup does.
  • Now that the console looks GREAT on the outside, it is time to clean up the INSIDE.

    The biggest issue I had inside was all the wires all over the place! It's definitely hard to take off the shelf items and put them all together and make it work beautifully. After all, the Odroid was designed for a MUCH smaller case than the IndieGO! Console's ;-)

    There are some extra things inside the case; which at the moment do NOT server any purpose. There is a power unit for a Mini-ITX motherboard which Pascal explained he had left in for potential future use, but was free to be removed.

    In order to do this, take off the two screws on the back of the console. Take off the top by sliding it back and then up.

    Take out all the cables CAREFULLY. The back plate where the Odroid is mounted is not the strongest of plastic and can *EASILY* break. I've said my part on that. :)

    Remove the Optical drive (DVD or BluRay). There are either two or three screws on the top mounting bracket for the drive. The bracket comes out by sliding it towards the back of the unit. DO THIS SLOWLY as to not to damage the front of the drive!

    Once removed, you will see the power unit. There are two screws; one on each side of the board. There is a power cable that is attached to the back of the console. Remove the two screws from this as well and then take out the entire power unit.
  • There is one more part that can be removed, and that is the case fan. It has a molex connector, and you COULD get a molex to USB converter to hook it up, but I decided to remove it. The Odroid runs fairly cool with the fan already mounted directly on it.

    There are four screws that come out from the outside of the case and then it can easily come out.
  • With all of the unnecessary parts now removed, we can start to re-assemble the necessary parts!

    Locate the two red and black Y-USB Adapters and the one barrel power to USB cable. Also, locate the 6-Port USB Charger.

    Connect them as shown in the pictures attached.
  • Locate one of the 4 port USB Hubs that has the two grey cables attached. These actually hook up the front side USB ports in the case. There are two available ports remaining on this hub. I chose to plug in the Bluetooth 4.0 dongle and the Wireless 802.11n dongle.

    Observe how the black connector on the grey cable to the black cable is connected and then unplug them.

    Locate the power cord that connects to the 6-port USB Charger and feed the connector end through one of the holes in the back side of the console.

    Take both the Grey USB cables and the power cord and feed it through the side of the DVD/BD/HDD mount bracket.

    Attach the mount to the inside of the console. Make sure you put the front of the drive through the front of the case first and then align the bracket mounts to the case. Line up the screw holes and insert the screws. Hand tighten only so you do not strip them.

    Refer to the pictures attached for clarity :)
  • Re-attach the front side USB cables to the 4-Port USB hub. MAKE SURE YOU LINE UP THE LEADS CORRECTLY! The Red wires MUST LINE UP. Attach the connectors RED on the Grey cable with e the RED on the black cable.

    Plug in the 6-Port USB Charger to the power cord.

    Tuck the 6-Port USB Charger under the DVD/BD/HDD bay and slide it towards the right side, or closest to the mounting bracket.

    Place the 4-Port USB Hub and cables (I wound them and tied them up first) on top/beside the 6-Port USB Charger. You may need to pull the excess power cable back out through the back to leave it somewhat taught. This will give you more cable to reach the power outlet :)

    Refer to the attached pictures.

    In the pictures attached, I connected the USB Hub to the Odroid. Don't bother just yet. I only did that for clarity of where it needed to go.
  • At this point, fix all the loose wiring that also so they are tucked away fro the Odroid and not in the way of the case closing.

    Locate the second 4-Port USB Hub. This one will be used to connect the 6-Port USB Charger to the Odroid through both the USB and the barrel power lead. This HUB will also connect the DVD/BD/HDD to the Odroid too.

    Speaking of HDD, the first USB HUB may need to be tucked beside the 6-Port USB Charger instead of on top. It depends on the thickness of the HDD you have. I don't have one at the time of this writing, so mine went on top of the charger.

    Locate the SATA to USB lead that was connected to the DVD/BD. Connect the USB lead into the second 4-port USB HUB. Route the wiring below the bracket to the Odroid and connect it to the DVD/BD. If you have a HDD, do the same for it.

    Attach the two RED USB leads into the 6-Port USB Charger.

    Route the barrel end of the USB power lead through the back of the console and plug it into the Odroid.

    I used a black twist-tie through the vent and wrapped the remaining length of the USB Barrel wire with it to get it out of the Odroid's way.

    Refer to the attached pictures for clarity :)
  • Almost done!

    All that is left is to replace the cover. Be careful to not force it on! Line up the slots and slide it back together. It should go on pretty easily; if not, make sure nothing is bent or blocking it in the way. Replace the two screws that hold it on.

    Set the console either on its side (which I did) or flat. If you moved the sticker, you won't be able to see it flat!

    Connect the HDMI cable to the monitor.

    Attach a keyboard and mouse. I have the Logitech K400 Plus. It is wireless and is a combination KB with a touchpad. You will also need to attach a game controller either directly into the USB, or via Bluetooth. I used a PS3 wireless Afterglow controller. I did purchase two PS3 USB wired and two SNES USB wired controllers, but I enjoy the wireless setup more :)

    If you have a power switch adapter with your console, attach the power cord to it, and then plug it into the power outlet in the wall.

    Make sure your monitor, KB, Mouse and controllers are all on and then flip the switch to the IndieGO! Console.

    You should see it display in a few seconds.

    Congratulations! You successfully optimized the insides of the IndieGO! Console, and made it somewhat easier to carry around without a bunch of extras hanging out :)

    Refer to the attached pictures for clarity.
  • Thank you for the first Hardware mod : ) !
    And the nice and detailed description.
  • I need your address to send my to you that you can clean up my IndieGo ;)

    Great tutorial - thanks for it!
  • I'm glad you guys like it :)
  • Great work! :smiley:
  • Great work!!! B)
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