Unpacker / Missing Emulators and more software?

edited January 2017 in Troubleshooting

I need a good unpacker program like winrar or something like total commander. The implemented program seems, that it can only unpack one file. If I choose more than once one, he only unpack the first file.

Can someone help?

What about missing emulators like Bandai Wonderswan, CDI Philips,etc. ? Is there a store where I can download more software and emulators?


  • Hi,
    I will look into available options.
    About CDi (it is coming at the weekend, next to a better Saturn emulator).
    Wonderswan should work, if not I can edit emulation station to use mednafen for this .. there is a folder WS on roms.. is it possible that it requires a bios file ?

    You can download more emulators using
    Synaptic or request something from me : )
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