Update 31th of december 16 - "Happy new Year" - Version 1.5.9

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for 1.5.9:
New "Force PSX preload" option
-> This will create a bin/cue (so it takes between 1 - 8 Minutes before the game launches)
-> The bin/cue is located in /ROMS/PSX ..
If you rename it in the Filemanager /the bin and cue only , not the toc file), you can keep it and use it as sort of Backup mechanism.
The benefit of this option is that the current DVD-plugin has problems with Mixed mode CD's (CD-AUDIO and DATA) which cases a fps hit of 10 .. SO instead of 50fps, you get only 41..
I need to change the buffer settings for the Plugin and the time the drive waits before Spinning down.

Added in Settings:
"Expand Filesystem"
It says it is not recommended .. Why? Because I would like to wait with expanding the filesystem a week or two.
If we don't manage to get AEROS working on top of the mali GPU driver within the next weeks, I would like to allow installation of AEROS on another partition of the card. This partition can not be created if you expanded the filesystem already to use the whole SD-CARD..

Long story short.. if you say "AEROS... meh .. not interested ... I WONT PLACE FOR MY ROMS NOW! "
Than run this option... reboot... and re-run it after reboot. From that point your Filesystem will show the entire space on the card. 32GB more to be precise.

CD32 config emulates now AGA and a 020 CPU .. it was wrongly set to ECS and A600... This prevented games to work

FS-UAE config in emulation station emulates now an ECS Amiga (most games made are ECS A500 games)

I plan to offer one extra emulationstation menu for AGA games and one for the bin / cues you can rip now in the next release.

Removed uncorking game entries.
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