ExaGear only good for one installation, but what if...?

If I understood Pascal correctly, our ExaGear-licence is only good for one installation, so, as of now, I still haven't touched it. I am afraid to do something stupid and lose my ExaGear-licence.

But... is it possible to make a image backup of a SD-card with the ExaGear-licence already applied?

So, let's say that the SD-card with my ExaGear-licence installed would break (or anything similar that would make the files on the SD-card not being able to be read).
Could I simply use my backup image, write it to a new SD-card, and voila, I would still have ExaGear.
Or would this not work?

Hope you guys understand what I am trying to explain :)


  • To make the key free again , we will have to email to elltech and ask them to allow another activation using this key.

    You can do it on your own by telling them you bought it with the indieGO and place me in cc.

    If you don't do this every second day they are very kind : )
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