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How to enable some games?

On receiving my Indiego, I click on any doom/quake (others too) game - nothing happens?

Do I need to do something to enable these?

I have enabled Exagear if that matters.



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    do you see a version number in the indieGO! menu? Next to the word "indieGO!" ?
  • Version 1.5.8?

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    As discussed via email this is strange. For some reason I don't know it seems not to install the packages.
    you can download the update archive here:

    Place it in /home/odroid
    and unzip it in a terminal using:
    unzip -o

    you can do a right lick on file manager and "open in terminal" -> this opens a terminal in the home folder.

    doing it form a terminal has a nice effect:
    You can see error messages.

    If it completed the extraction please run in the same shell window:
    sudo sh run_update

    it should fetch some more packages and reboot when it is done
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