Update 26th of december "a late christmas gift" - Version 1.5.8

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for 1.5.8:
Enhanced N64 compatibility (No flickering in Yoshi's Story and Wipeout for example)
Disabling Sixad (PS3 Joypad driver) at boot is working now. (By default SIXAD is active -> we should discuss this : ) )

Added Projekt Lila Amiga beta Version as free gift for Kickstarter / indieGOGO backers

Launching Jim Power, and other games from Kickstarter menu will now relaunch the indieGO-menu when you quit them.

FS-UAE users can press Select and Start to reach the FS-UAE gui. The close button is on the top right.

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