Update 17th of december - Version 1.5.4 "doomsday"

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for 1.5.4:
Changed the "Add HDD script to be failsafe" -> this means that in case the HDD isn't recognized at boot, it will no more cancel the boot process. -> thank you for running into this problem Kay.. ; )
-> Please format the HDD to EXT4 first and then run this option. This will copy the ROMS folder from the HDD and mount the HDD as /home/Odroid/ROMS
-> only EXT4 is supported at this time

Doom shareware, Freedom Phase 1 and Freedom Phase 2
Added Prboom-Plus, Chocolate Doom
Added a new option in Settings to download Gamepacks. -> None yet available (will take a week more)
Renamed "Add alternative repository" to "alternative repository" -> here you will soon find a way to install things which are not part of the image for one reason or another

Check also the Game port section in this forum about Doom3. It works great on the Odroid

AEROS may follow tomorrow if the last test is successful.


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