Doom 3

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Out of the box you will find a Doom3 entry in the indieGO games menu.

Before you will start you need the game data files from an original doom3 dvd or buy it from here or ( Resurrection of Evil )

CD 1 /Setup/Data/base/pak002.pk4

CD 2 /Setup/Data/base/pak000.pk4

CD 3 /Setup/Data/base/pak003.pk4

DVD /Setup/Data/base/pak*.pk4

I've bought it from Steam because it has also applied the latest patches to it.

if you have all these files from original CD or DVD or any other source mentioned, it has to go into ~/.doom3/base folder

Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil files has to go into ~/.doom3/d3xp folder

after this you need the latest updates for doom3, you can get it here:

extract files and copy them over to doom3 base folder

mkdir update
cd update
sudo chmod 755
./ --target .
mv *.pk4 ~/.doom3/base


  • Please let me know if someone owns the original CD or DVD version.
    If yes I would like to offer an auto installer for the game files and you can test it : )
  • Did you ever get an installer made for this? I found a dvd copy of the original release and am willing to test it out. Just give me instructions on how to run it.
  • Also do you have instructions on where to place .wad files for heretic and Hexen?
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