Download and writing indieGO!-OS to SD-card

all Backers can download the latest system-images from
If you lost your log-in data, just email me and stay patient for one - two days :)

Due to the size (i am still working on it and larger game data will be made available as separate image later) it is spliced into 31 pieces. I had trouble to upload 30gb in one step.. And downloading such a big thing can also mean failures.. So it is placed into 31 7zip compressed parts.

When you have downloaded all of them, you can start unzipping it with Winrar /7zip / the unarchiver or whatever you like.

Under OS X or Linux you can use "dd" to burn the image to an 64gb sized SD-card.
Under Windows I would suggest DiskImageWriter as suggested for Raspbian and similar systems.

For OS X you can find a gui tool call dd-gui if you don't like to use the command line.


  • The links for part 2 to 6 say Not Found when trying to download, and the parts from 8 to 31 are not linked (yet?).

    Maybe a external file host like could help in the future?
  • I have uploaded 30 of 31 parts.. 31 follows this evening. It is just too big and in Germany we have a internet connection break every 24 hours.. than I had also just damaged uploads in the last days.. whatever the last one should take 30 minutes. Than I can correct the download URLs on the website.

    I will unzip the parts on the server and combine them agin to one part.. compress it again and provide a single link asap.
  • edited December 2016
    It should work now (please ignore the description of the first parts which says "Part X of 32" -> it is "only" 31 in total )
  • The OS is now available as single download file
  • Thanks for uploading it as single file - this spares nerves ;)
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