update 11th of december - version 1.5.0

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for v1.5.0:
*Updated "Settings" Submenu
-> if you have partitioned an HDD with gparted in desktop mode, you can now choose to setup the HDD as storage for ROMS
This will mount /home/odroid/roms to the HDD and you can just drag and drop all your roms with the file manager.

During gameplay it happened every 20-30 minutes that the screen was blanked (only if you didn't play with mouse or keyboard)
Jopyad input was not registered so it switched to screen blanking.

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