Download Failed!


I try several times to download Covers, but the download process failed because a "connection reset by peers"

Is it possible to make retry option automatically? It's bad to push after every fail retry manually.



  • Hello @deaddisk and thank you for your support and suggestions,
    yes, I can add a preference where you can switch auto-retry on or off, also, very soon, I will make available art-packs for direct download :smile:
  • Thanks! :)

    What are the next planned supported systems for EmuLa? Amiga? ;)
  • From the poll results seems so :smile:
    First I will release a new version with all the needed fixes and people requests, then I will focus on adding reported missing roms, adding new downloadable contents (have you noticed the downloadable content button on the top right corner?) and support for a new platform.
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