Update 4th of december - Version 1.4.6

First of all:
If you never updated your indieGO! before, please run the "online update" twice.
The first update will take a up to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection and it will update also the update mechanics itself. The second run take less time.
Than run it again. (no reboot required at this stage)
The new mechanism will reboot your console automatically which is basically the sign that it went well.

Changelog for v1.4.6:
*Added "Settings" Submenu
-> You can enable PS3 bluetooth support /set it to autostart /unset it again (because it interferes with other bluetooth devices)
-> You can also change locales there (Keyboard or mouse required for now to change settings)

*Added user custom menu
-> Create a usermenu.def file in /home/odroid/FSlauncher/FSL and edit it as you like..
In the next updates it will be excluded so the content of the file stays. (Please don't run the update function again until I post a new update release, I have accidentally included this file, so it would be overwritten -> I will replace the archive in the next days again)

*Fixed dead game entries in the menus so you should be able now to start what you can see
Doom1, 3 and Quake series, Arx Fatalis and other ones which are not yet PD .. .
Doom 3 is a commercial game, you can get it from steam for example.
I will add the shareware data for doom and Quake in the next days.

*Added new game: Frogatto

*Added Theme Hospital Demo data (/ROMS/MSDOS/HOSP) for CortixTH

*Additional Bluetooth drivers have been installed
->For syncing devices, you can use Bluetooth Manager in desktop mode. It is somewhat hidden in the "Control Center"
You have to search for Bluetooth inside the control centre.

*Fixed N64 emulation which didn't start
Now it will work.

*Added additional Joypad layouts for 3rd party pads to the N64 emulation.

*Fixed Hurrican (partially)
-> It switches now to correct screen size (!!! Problem is that it doesn't swith back -> So you need to shutdown the console the hard way if you stop playing!!!)


  • It's still a long way. I hoped that more out of the box will working :smiley:
  • The problem is that I don't own PS3.. I hoped one of the owner can cover this : )
    Whatever it is a typo and I will fix it

    You could try in terminal
    "sudo sixad"
    This should do the trick
  • Just a note: for first tsynchronization it is required to connect the ps3 pad with an usb-cable.
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