Gamepad input per emulator

Is there a recommended way to change input scheme for emulators? Since it doesn't seem EmulationStation does everything.

And any input on PS/XBOX controllers? (Maybe even 8Bitdo/Wii controllers)
I tested a XBOX One S controller, that one doesn't seem to work right off the bat.


  • Normally an XBOX360 for PC (old one) should just work
    The included PSX pad should work, as well as similar pads.

    Some emulators require own schemes.. I have so far added only the default ones. FS-UAE needs config files (named as the Joypad)* and Reicast. Afaik the others have to be mapped inside the emulation if the layout doesn't fit.

    Afaik it is required to install a driver for XBOX one S pads.. I will offer this as option in the setting menu (which will come with the next update).
    Problem with those drivers is that they "can" (not alway) interfere with other drivers. So it has to be done at your end. But I will add those steps in form of scripts for you.

    *I will collect a few from around the web. It is enough to store them in one folder.
  • how to cofiger the nintendo controls cant get em em to work whit games?
  • I have added the SNES pad config again.. I am doing a last test and the rollout the update please wait till I announce the update officially..
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